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Topic: Retail

White Paper: Leveraging Customer Data and Analytics to Drive Growth

In a five-step checklist, we break down how to prioritize customer data in making decisions in the business and retail space. By centering customer data, businesses have a better chance of profit and growth through building customer loyalty.

White Paper: Evolution of the Retail Store

This whitepaper’s aim is to focus on today’s omnichannel, technology-driven world and how personalization has the capability to do wonders for your business.

White Paper: Changing the Face of Marketing Using Hyper-Personalization

From Retail to E-Tail to Me-Tail: selling products has evolved. Brands are expected to know their customers, remember them, and cater to their exact needs and expectations via channels that work best for the customers.

Case Study: Convenient Customer Segments

How OSG helped a convenience store chain understand the needs and behaviors of its most important customers, thereby implementing segment-specific strategies for growth.

Case Study: Road to Future Product Strategy

How OSG helped one of the largest online retailers of automobiles and parts with the segmentation of its existing userbase to improve customer acquisition and retention and increase profitability through new product/feature launches.

Case Study: Drive Customer Retention

Personalized analytics led to the creation of a customer retention program that drove up revenue by $100M for a national automotive service provider.

Blog / Jan 27 2022

Innovation in Retail: 4 Examples of Technology in Shopper Experience

The retail industry changes and grows as customer needs and interests evolve over time. By addressing the customer experience and making it more accessible and digital, businesses have seen increases in omnichannel engagement and sales. The innovation in the retail industry has been matching the need for more personalized and targeted customer experiences. From technology […]


Improving Shopper Experience: Is Closing Retail Storefronts the Solution?

  Are closing retail stores the best long-term solution? The E-Commerce threat is real but..local service matters Micro-targeting with OSG…mass personalization  

Blog / Nov 15 2021

Improving Shopper Experience: Is Closing Retail Storefronts the Solution?

The Recent Trends of Retail Storefronts It is the age of giant e-commerce companies, and brick-and-mortar retail storefronts are having a hard time competing with online stores like Amazon. Low prices, a huge plethora of choices and the convenience offered by online shopping seems to be very hard to fight against. The result- some of […]


How OSG Is Driving a Retailer’s Customer Experience Transformation

Case Study: How a leading franchise is leveraging the impact of IBM Watson to improve customer experience and drive growth Identify & understand key drivers of customer satisfaction Quantify the relative importance and how would they drive customer loyalty Design & implement a monitoring & tracking system to effectively manage performance  


Being Relevant in Franchising

Case Studies: How to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world of retail? Focus on customer behavioral analytics?   Your Host: Dr Ben Litalien – CFE  

Blog / Aug 20 2021

Nudge Marketing in Retail: 4 Ways to Push Customers to Purchase

The world of retail is becoming exponentially more personalized and targeted over time. In a crowded marketplace of products, services, and businesses, retailers must create unique customer experiences in order to stand out from the rest. To achieve that, they must use more and more data to understand their audience to tempt them to purchase. […]

Blog / Jul 29 2021

Local Level Marketing: Understanding Your Neighborhood Market

Corner stores, hole-in-the-wall successful establishments, and farm-to-table restaurants all have one thing in common: they are marketing at the local level and using their understanding of their immediate area to their benefit. Everyone can think of at least one such local business in their area that is embedded and in touch with the neighborhood and […]

Blog / Jul 8 2021

Customer Obsession: 6 Ways to Level Up Customer Centricity

The goal of all businesses today is to be “customer-centric,” and most are getting better at it. However, they miss out on building deeper, longer and more meaningful relationships with customers, especially if they provide the same experiences as everyone else. It is therefore important to cross the barrier to the next step – “customer […]

Blog / May 20 2021

APAHM: Small Businesses that are Driving Change

In honor of May being Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we’re highlighting 7 small businesses, owned and run by Asian and Pacific Americans, that are driving change. These businesses are bringing new offerings to the world of online shopping and are impacting the industry through how they’ve designed, grown, and continue to evolve their products. […]

Blog / Apr 15 2021

Adapting Retail Experience to a Rapidly Changing Shopping Environment

Retail Experience Changes in the Past Year It is abundantly clear that there have been huge shifts in shopping behavior and retail experience in the past year. With greater focus on safety, customers wish to minimize their face-to-face contact by reducing their visits to bricks-and-mortar retail stores. The US, in particular, saw a 23% collapse […]

Blog / May 21 2020

Retail Behavior Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How is COVID-19 Impacting How We Shop? A woman goes for a walk in the shopping district near her downtown high-rise apartment. She stops in front of her favorite boutique to “window shop”. It’s a coping strategy she adopted after the loss of her job and part of her how her retail behavior changed during […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

A call to action aka “Buy Now” button is not enough to succeed in e-commerce retailing

Digital Transformation is here to stay. Companies have taken to adopting SMAC – social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud. We have seen digital transformation go through five generations of evolution:   Phase I: The early stage of the digital transformation (the mid-1990s) saw customers accelerating collaboration and connectivity with digital technology- AOL/Hotmail based emails, Yahoo/Google […]