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Topic: Pharma and Healthcare

Case Study: Differentiation for Biosimilars

How OSG’s technology helped a pharma company stand out in their first foray into an already crowded category of biosimilar products, through stakeholder understanding and position and reputation management.

Case Study: Personalized Marketing at Scale

How OSG helped a global pharmaceutical company carve out its messaging strategy for targeted impact without sacrificing reach.


Smart Nudging: Can Digital Healthcare Technologies Prevent Suicide?

In partnership with Nolij Consulting and sponsored by IBM, we hosted a webinar on the topic of how smart nudging and digital healthcare technologies can play a vital role in preventing suicide and addressing mental health concerns for veterans. While in the military and while transitioning back to civilian life, veterans face a lot of […]

White Paper: Driving Innovation in the Pharma Industry

In this whitepaper, we explain how companies in the pharma industry are in dire need of innovation, to fuel continued growth. Pharmaceuticals are not a largely evolving industry, growing and changing quite slowly. Disrupting typical business practices has led to great success.

Case Study: Optimizing Healthcare Costs

How OSG helped a global health insurer segment its customers, understand their lifetime value, and predict their engagement in the future, thereby establishing a product strategy for every customer segment.

Case Study: Does Branding Impact Sales?

How OSG helped a global pharmaceutical company evaluate and prioritize potential scientific statements intended to launch an unbranded campaign to educate physicians before the launch of Drug X.

Case Study: Breathe Easy with Product Strategy

How OSG helped a global pharmaceutical company understand the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) buying process so that the client could focus on specific products that appeal to the largest group of consumers and maximize profits.


Pricing Strategies for Software Embedded Medical Devices in the Age of Big Data

  Agenda: Focus on Pricing Strategies for Software Embedded Medical Devices using data. Your Hosts: Dr R Sukumar– CEO, OSG David Levine– Director, Client Engagement OSG  


Customer Experience: Do We Know What It Means In Healthcare?

  The route to customer engagement: Empowering the patient Leveraging technology Capturing expectations Creating personalized experiences   Your Host: Dr R Sukumar –  CEO, OSG  

Blog / Dec 8 2021

Robots in Healthcare: Current and Future State of Robotic Health Technology

As the applications of technology in all industries, but especially healthcare, grow, we’re seeing an increase in automation and robotics across the board. By reducing the amount of work humans have to do by substituting programs and robots for taking some tasks, human professionals and experts can focus their time and energy on other tasks. […]


Patient-Centricity is Here!

  Case Study: Healthcare marketers are continuing to evolve customer propositions to meet changing needs and expectations Recognizing Long-Term Customer Value Influencing Persistent Customer Relationships Improving Communications Effectiveness Target Customers  with Predictive Models  


Customer Segmentation Does Not Work! What is Wrong With It?

  Case Studies: Competitive Psoriasis Market in Pharma Review of new biologic product for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis Overview of the crowded therapeutic area with many established biologics Discussion of Client who was seeking an effective way to enter and establish their product in this crowded market  

Blog / Sep 27 2021

Patient Journey: 4 Key Aspects to Telling Healthcare Stories

As seen in stories since the dawn of time, a character’s journey is never a simple or linear endeavor. A journey comes along with characters, obstacles, and key events that can twist and change the route. The path may look straightforward, especially to observers, but it seldom truly is a linear path. Nowhere is this complexity […]

Blog / Sep 13 2021

The Power of Medication Management Technology in Healthcare

The Current State of Medication Management The science behind modern medications is always evolving and always progressing. We see that in the news with new treatments, cures, and prevention methods for all sorts of illnesses and conditions. The downside of this wondrous science is the complexity of the medications that need to be administered. Many […]

Blog / Jun 11 2021

Patient-Centered Care: The Focus for the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare has undergone a forced digital transformation over the past year due to the global pandemic. During this shift to digital platforms for patients and physicians around the world, the gradual shift in the world of healthcare towards patient-centered care was able to be applied to digital platforms. When it comes to the digital platforms […]

Blog / Apr 9 2021

Physician Engagement in Pharma Changes Due to Pandemic

Adapting Pharma Communication to the COVID-19 Pandemic How do you measure physician engagement now that the pandemic has made face-to-face meetings more difficult? Before the pandemic, face-to-face meetings were the norm for most pharmaceutical companies to educate physicians on the benefits of their latest treatments or medical devices. Pharmaceutical sales personnel could establish strong relationships […]

Blog / May 15 2020

Patient Experience in the COVID-19 World

New Meaning of Patient Experience for the COVID-19 World We present to you, two very different hospital patient scenarios: A 32-year woman arrives at the hospital, dilated and ready to give birth to her second child, the same hospital where she delivered her first baby. She suffers from Gestational diabetes as well as high blood […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

How patient-centricity will impact the pharma industry in the coming years

We are in a new era of healthcare. Patients are now moving from recipients to participants in their healthcare journey. The pharma industry must therefore change with these trends. Realigning strategies to put patients at the center of future business models is the way forward. While there are some great examples of best practices in […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

Medical Information in the Digital Age

We live in a digital age where the health information landscape is changing in a unique way. Medical information currently plays an important role in understanding a drug/product for Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs). It is estimated that more than 70% of HCPs look to the web when they need to know about a new drug or […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

The Roles Key Opinion Leaders or Thought Leaders Play in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry

Who is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), or more specifically a Thought Leader? KOLs are highly influential medical experts and advisors in their domain and are respected and relied upon by their peers to provide a true assessment of the efficacy and safety of a drug or a device. This is why scientific discussions/forums initiated […]