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Topic: Customer Experience


Sustainability: The Reward of Getting it Right

When it comes to sustainability in business strategy, it’s hard for businesses to decide where to start and what initiatives to implement. And in an uncertain area of strategy, largely driven by ROI, it’s dangerous to make the wrong decision when it comes to implementing these initiatives, at the risk of making little to no […]


Who is the Customer? Navigating Sales and Strategy in MedTech

This is the second part of our series on the application and use of advanced technology in the medical device sector. In this webinar, we’ll dive into how building customer strategy can vary widely across the medical device sector. Whether the devices are being developed for use and purchase by patients, their families, their physicians, […]

Case Study: Differentiation for Biosimilars

How OSG’s technology helped a pharma company stand out in their first foray into an already crowded category of biosimilar products, through stakeholder understanding and position and reputation management.

Case Study: Subscribing for Better Strategy

How OSG helped a streaming subscription service strategize its pricing and content to reach a wider audience base through targeted needs-based actions.

Case Study: Reception of Targeted Messaging

How OSG helped a global hotel chain reach target audiences through its messaging strategy, to maintain and build their customer base.

White Paper: Designing the Ideal Customer Experience

In this whitepaper, we break down the idea of customer-centricity into key methods and examples that demonstrate how businesses that focus on customer experience benefit in the long run.

White Paper: The Value of Customer Journey Mapping

We share the importance of customer journey mapping and how organizations can get a better understanding of customer experience through this exercise.

White Paper: Driving Return on Customer Experience

Return on Customer Experience (ROCX) is an important metric to track how your investment in customer experience pans out. But how can you drive change within your customer experience? We share our top tips for making an impact on CX.

White Paper: Leveraging Customer Data and Analytics to Drive Growth

In a five-step checklist, we break down how to prioritize customer data in making decisions in the business and retail space. By centering customer data, businesses have a better chance of profit and growth through building customer loyalty.

White Paper: Evolution of the Retail Store

This whitepaper’s aim is to focus on today’s omnichannel, technology-driven world and how personalization has the capability to do wonders for your business.

Blog / Jun 8 2022

Customer Lifetime Value – Is that all we’ve got?

Not all customers are the same – their contribution to revenue and the cost to acquire or retain them varies. How then do businesses identify the right acquisition and retention strategy for their varied customers? Designing a marketing strategy without sufficient understanding of the revenue or cost impact of each customer is like shooting at […]

Case Study: Customer Service that Makes Cents

How OSG helped its client, one of the largest wealth management companies in the UK, to increase client engagement and improve retention.


Five Steps On How To Get Customer Experience Right

A webinar explaining how to design or improve your customer experience program. This webinar is applicable to any type of organization. Hosts: David Levine – VP of Client Solutions at OSG Jeff Weaver, VP of Business Development  at OSG      


Covid-19 Drivers of Consumer Behavioral Change

The only syndicated study that delivers how and why, so you know where to act. Join us for a 40-minute webinar to review the findings of this latest research. Hosts: Jeff Weaver, VP of Business Development  at OSG Vaibhav Sharma, Director – Client Services        


Understanding the Drivers of Compliance with COVID-19

To support the global efforts in defeating COVID-19, OSG utilized its deep understanding of behavioral analytics  to conduct research with 400 US consumers to understand what is driving compliance with the behaviors required in a COVID-19 world. This webinar covers: • What fundamentally drives decisions to comply with desired COVID-19 related behaviors based on different […]


Innovating for 2030: Four Steps to Data-Driven Customer Foresight

Share the reasons why understanding consumers of the future is more important than ever Walk participants through the four-step, mixed-method approach that Bresslergroup and OSG use to achieve customer foresight Provide a list of actions that companies can take right now to better prepare themselves for the future Your Hosts: David Levine, VP of Client […]

Case Study: Reducing Cost to Customers

How OSG used behavioral analytics to segment the client’s customers and identify opportunities for new product development to boost revenues.


Mind the Gap

  Introduction:  Global enterprises must account for a complex range of functional and emotional factors held by their customers, specifically the increasing numbers of potential drivers customers take into consideration when purchasing. OSG will show you how to succeed in this environment, and highlight how it is crucial to go deeper into customer motivations to uncover […]


Can NPS Surveys Be Made Actionable?

  The Net Promoter Score is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. By classifying customers as detractors, passives, or promoters, organizations can identify overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. While NPS is a metric that C-suite executives track, they are often caught in the trap […]

Blog / Feb 25 2022

The OSG Approach to NPS®, Net Promoter Score: OSG o360™ for CX

At OSG Analytics (OSG), we hear from our clients that they are excited to dive into NPS®, or “Net Promoter score,” so that they can get a tangible number, which gives them a clear picture of how they are doing with their customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, NPS “gauges how consistently a firm […]


Advanced Sentiment Analysis: Gaining Significant Market Insights Early to Beat Your Competition

Agenda: OSG Customer Centricity in Financial Services YUKKA Lab Sentiment Analysis Client Case Study: Belvoir Capital Your Hosts: Oliver Berchtold – Co-Founder & Chief of Business Development, YUKKA Lab AG Steffen Bauke – CEO, Belvoir Capital        


Is Big Data Analytics Enough to Solve Your Customer Experience and Growth Problems?

Case Study: Customer Segmentation, Risk Modeling, and Portfolio Management for a Global Health Insurer How OSG helped a global health insurer segment its customers, understand their lifetime value and predict their engagement in the future, thereby establishing a product strategy for every customer segment.    

Case Study: Drive Customer Retention

Personalized analytics led to the creation of a customer retention program that drove up revenue by $100M for a national automotive service provider.

Blog / Feb 3 2022

7 Questions You Should Have Been Asking Your Customers All Along

Customer feedback usually comes at key touchpoints along the customer journey: after a purchase is made, if a return or refund must be processed, after a shipped order arrives, etc. Using these avenues for gathering customer data and sentiment is helpful for businesses looking to understand how customers connect to their business. But businesses need […]

Blog / Jan 27 2022

Innovation in Retail: 4 Examples of Technology in Shopper Experience

The retail industry changes and grows as customer needs and interests evolve over time. By addressing the customer experience and making it more accessible and digital, businesses have seen increases in omnichannel engagement and sales. The innovation in the retail industry has been matching the need for more personalized and targeted customer experiences. From technology […]


Maximizing Portfolio Profitability – Understanding your CLTV

  Focus: The key challenges for financial services companies and OSG’s approach to combining behavioral and cognitive analytics to understand customers. Your Hosts: Dr R Sukumar –  CEO, OSG SV Rangan – Global Advisor, OSG  


Improving Shopper Experience: Is Closing Retail Storefronts the Solution?

  Are closing retail stores the best long-term solution? The E-Commerce threat is real but..local service matters Micro-targeting with OSG…mass personalization  


Developing Successful Innovations: A Case Study for Collaborative Discipline in Creativity

Discussion points: How to understand end-user unmet needs, and define clear problem statements to be solved How to generate solutions to unmet user needs and new opportunities for innovation How to validate with end-users and customers, reduce go-to-market risks, and increase business success potential Your Host: Dr R Sukumar – CEO, OSG Mathieu Turpault – […]


Customer Experience Management: Making Your Organization Customer-Obsessed to Deliver Great Experiences

  Customer Experience Management Roundtable Discussion points: Customer Centricity Disruptive Innovation KPIs and Value Management Change Management   Your Hosts: Dr R Sukumar – CEO, OSG S.V. Rangan – Consulting, OSG  


Catch the Natural Wave: Consumer Jobs on Becoming Healthier are Driving New Innovations

  Case Studies: Jack Ma Futuristic O2O Hema Supermarket – Shanghai Tao Café From Ali Baba – China  

Blog / Dec 4 2021

Marketing in Action: 4 Examples of Innovative Advertisements

Here at OSG, we’re in the business of understanding customers and how they make decisions. One powerful factor in customer decision-making is how advertisements reach them and resonate with them. Many companies invest thousands or even millions of dollars in their advertising campaigns, in the hopes that their strategy and designs stick with customers and […]


How a Global Insurance Company focused on Customer Lifetime Value and Maximized Portfolio Profitability: Part 1

  Case Study: How a global insurance company focused on customer lifetime value and maximized portfolio profitability Behavioral Analytics Risk, Lifetime Value, and Interventions Data, Analytics and Digital Innovation Path to Execution Your Host: Frank Gencarelli – Industry Leader  

Blog / Nov 15 2021

Improving Shopper Experience: Is Closing Retail Storefronts the Solution?

The Recent Trends of Retail Storefronts It is the age of giant e-commerce companies, and brick-and-mortar retail storefronts are having a hard time competing with online stores like Amazon. Low prices, a huge plethora of choices and the convenience offered by online shopping seems to be very hard to fight against. The result- some of […]


Patient-Centricity is Here!

  Case Study: Healthcare marketers are continuing to evolve customer propositions to meet changing needs and expectations Recognizing Long-Term Customer Value Influencing Persistent Customer Relationships Improving Communications Effectiveness Target Customers  with Predictive Models  

Blog / Nov 3 2021

6 Innovative Practices in Digital Marketing for 2021 and Beyond

Digital marketing has been the “new normal” for businesses for much longer than a forced shift online by a global pandemic. But even though digital marketing has been around for a while, it continues to change and evolve as customers change how they make decisions and purchases based on technology innovations. Here are some of […]


Customer Segmentation Does Not Work! What is Wrong With It?

  Case Studies: Competitive Psoriasis Market in Pharma Review of new biologic product for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis Overview of the crowded therapeutic area with many established biologics Discussion of Client who was seeking an effective way to enter and establish their product in this crowded market  

Blog / Sep 21 2021

Harnessing Consumer Emotions: Recharge Your Brand and Fuel Growth

In the age of advanced technology and the informed consumer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and firmly plant your brand’s image in consumers’ minds. Better products lead to more imitations and as such, competition is at an all-time high. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? By […]


How OSG Is Driving a Retailer’s Customer Experience Transformation

Case Study: How a leading franchise is leveraging the impact of IBM Watson to improve customer experience and drive growth Identify & understand key drivers of customer satisfaction Quantify the relative importance and how would they drive customer loyalty Design & implement a monitoring & tracking system to effectively manage performance  

Blog / Aug 20 2021

Nudge Marketing in Retail: 4 Ways to Push Customers to Purchase

The world of retail is becoming exponentially more personalized and targeted over time. In a crowded marketplace of products, services, and businesses, retailers must create unique customer experiences in order to stand out from the rest. To achieve that, they must use more and more data to understand their audience to tempt them to purchase. […]

Blog / Aug 12 2021

Can Design Thinking Lead to Growth? Only if it Centers Customers

Applying Design Thinking to Business   Design Thinking, like the scientific method that you may have learned in school, is an iterative process for learning. For design thinking, the goal is to seek to understand a given user through the iterations, rather than working towards a conclusion to a science or research experiment. But in both cases, the process starts with […]

Blog / Aug 12 2021

Stages of the Customer Journey: From Discovery to Purchase to Advocacy

The customer journey describes the full experience, from beginning to end, that customers have with a specific product or service. Based on a given customer’s needs, they may start by searching based on a specific need, or they may start by looking into a product or business that they have heard of, to decide how […]

Blog / Jul 29 2021

Local Level Marketing: Understanding Your Neighborhood Market

Corner stores, hole-in-the-wall successful establishments, and farm-to-table restaurants all have one thing in common: they are marketing at the local level and using their understanding of their immediate area to their benefit. Everyone can think of at least one such local business in their area that is embedded and in touch with the neighborhood and […]

Blog / Jul 8 2021

Customer Obsession: 6 Ways to Level Up Customer Centricity

The goal of all businesses today is to be “customer-centric,” and most are getting better at it. However, they miss out on building deeper, longer and more meaningful relationships with customers, especially if they provide the same experiences as everyone else. It is therefore important to cross the barrier to the next step – “customer […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

Customer Journey Mapping: What Everyone Should Know

Imagine you are coming home from the airport after a nice, relaxing vacation. On the way home, the airlines you just flew with sends you a survey to gauge your experience with the flight. You give them a mixed review, that though the flight itself was fine, you had problems with retrieving your luggage from […]

Blog / May 28 2021

Why Innovative Companies are Prioritizing Personalization

The consumer experience has evolved dramatically over modern history. We have seen the birth of department stores hosting many departments and brands, the advent of bespoke and couture products and services, and, more recently, the rise of subscription boxes and services. One aspect that all of these examples have in common is giving the customer […]

Blog / Apr 15 2021

Adapting Retail Experience to a Rapidly Changing Shopping Environment

Retail Experience Changes in the Past Year It is abundantly clear that there have been huge shifts in shopping behavior and retail experience in the past year. With greater focus on safety, customers wish to minimize their face-to-face contact by reducing their visits to bricks-and-mortar retail stores. The US, in particular, saw a 23% collapse […]

Blog / Jun 19 2020

Post COVID-19 and Customer Experience Transformation: Is the Investment Worth It?

September 24, 2019 Forbes published an online article entitled, 50 Stats That Prove the Value of Customer Experience. People in the business world had no idea when that was published what was coming months later when COVID-19 upended how we all do business. Now, businesses are scrambling to stay alive in this volatile climate, and […]

Blog / Jun 16 2020

Post COVID – How should we look at Return on Customer Experience?

Customer experience is still important during a pandemic Businesses must listen to what their customers say they want now more than ever Customer journeys are more dynamic than ever, with multiple touchpoints across online and offline channels, a lot more information is available at the touch of a button than ever before. How many of […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Transitioning from Loyalty to Ownership – How Customer Relationships are Evolving with Changing Customer Expectations

When we think of outstanding customer experience, we instantly think of Amazon. The poster child for customer-centricity, Amazon has always been a great example for all companies trying to learn a lesson or two on revamping their customer experience strategy and management. Think AI based product recommendations as you build your shopping cart, Alexa- your […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Picking the Right Customer Experience Platform for your Brand

The Most Important Aspects for a Customer Experience Platform Businesses interact with customers every day. Some days, these interactions may be good and at other days, they might not. But every experience determines whether customers continue to invest time and money with a specific brand. So, like it or not, your customers are talking and […]

Blog / Jun 15 2022

Beyond Social Media: Using Behavioral Analytics for Messaging Strategies

The right messaging strategy to connect with your customers, especially on social media, can take your brand to the next level of success. As businesses become savvier and savvier in ensuring a market fit for a product, their marketing heads are also constantly thinking about bringing about a strong message/customer fit. What does this mean? […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Changing Customer Behavior in Retail

In today’s world, the biggest challenge for retailers is understanding who your customers are and then dealing with changing customer behavior.   In the last two decades, the customer shopping experience has changed. Previously, shoppers visited their favorite stores to purchase products they wanted from a limited selection. Today, with social media, mobile devices, ecommerce […]

Blog / Nov 4 2018

Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction – Creating the Ultimate Future Journey Map

Organizations have been working towards customer centricity for a while now, to create great experiences for their customers and in turn grow in revenue and reputation. Customer experience (CX) and satisfaction however, is a constantly evolving entity. Therefore, CX driven organizations may fail to innovate sometimes because there is a lack of discipline in the […]